Here at Vitalise Physiotherapy, we love treating NDIS participants. Being part of someone’s journey to help them achieve their full potential is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. Our clinic is well equipped to treat both adults and children.
We offer 1 hour, 45 or 30 minute sessions that can be booked weekly, fortnightly or as needed.


We have plenty of play equipment for children and we tend to take a ‘play therapy’ approach to treating children so they enjoy it and is not a chore to come to physio. We treat a wide variety of conditions including Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, low muscle tone and spasticity.


We work with the patient or carer to target their treatment towards the patient’s goals. For a lot of our patients that means regular supervised exercise sessions to assist with their strength, mobility and balance. We also strive to make treatments relative to ADLs to assist overall quality of life. If needed, we also perform manual therapy such as massage and dry needling to assist with pain relief, spasticity and muscle tightness. We also treat standard musculoskeletal injuries.


Hydrotherapy and gym

We offer hydrotherapy sessions to NDIS participants at the standard NDIS rate (plus $20 travel). We use heated pools with a staircase for easy access, allowing hydrotherapy to be suitable for most people. Exercising in water has been shown to help in the following ways:

  • independence of movement not possible on land
  • challenges balance in a safe environment
  • decreases swelling, encourages circulation and reduced pain
  • support of body weight, enabling easier walking and general mobility
  • aims to reduce muscle spasm, allowing relaxation
  • pain management
  • promotes water confidence
  • encourages fitness

We are also able to do gym sessions with NDIS participants at their gym of choice. The standard NDIS rate applies (plus $20 travel within the Goonellabah area).


All our physiotherapists are SIRA approved to treat patients under SafeWork NSW. We understand the importance of recovering in the workplace so we try to get our patients back to work as quickly as safely possible. We follow the latest evidence based guidelines to guide our treatments, using a combination of manual therapy and exercise to assist our patients.

We do one hour initial assessments for all new patients, allowing us to fully understand each situation as we know every workplace injury is different. Upon request, we are available to attend case conferences and organise gym with our patients if approved by the insurer.

We also offer WorkCover pilates classes. These are an excellent option for clients who are progressing well but not yet ready to self-manage their injury. Classes are run outside of work hours to minimise disruption to the client’s work day.