About Us

Vitalise Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy practice offering hands-on treatment for a variety of injuries and illnesses.


Whether you require pre or postoperative care, pregnancy care, headache treatment, chronic pain treatment or injury recovery assistance, our registered physiotherapists are ready to assist you in every possible way.


Physiotherapy philosophy

We take a holistic, hands-on approach to physiotherapy. At Vitalise Physiotherapy, we believe in delivering a suitable service, consulting with patients one-to-one, ensuring that treatments never overlap and maintaining a flexible appointment schedule.

All our patients have different needs, we are available by request on weekends and for emergency appointments. We also make house calls to Goonellabah and the surrounding areas for patients who may have mobility problems.

When you first book a consultation with our physiotherapists, we create a file with all the relevant information about your medical history and current injury or illness. It ensures we have a thorough database of details about our patients, which improves our ability to help you over the long-term.

A visit to Vitalise Physiotherapy means personalised care in Goonellabah. We assess your whole picture, detailing your lifestyle, history, previous diagnoses and other attributes that could contribute to an injury or illness. Through an assessment, we come up with a treatment and self-management plan.

Our hands-on treatment includes massages, dry needling and taping methods.

Multi-faceted care

Vitalise Physiotherapy provide a range of physiotherapy treatments. We also work with podiatrists, chiropractors, orthopaedic surgeons and general practitioners.

We offer a pilates class that runs twice a week, led by our qualified team members.

Community assistance

Our principle physiotherapist, Gemma, provides field first aid and physiotherapy services for various clubs and sports teams in the area. She works with SMA accredited Level 1 & 2 sports trainers, enabling her to have multiple trainers available whenever they’re needed. She works diligently to ensure on-site treatment is delivered for any injuries that happen during games and events. These include Byron Rugby 7’s, school carnivals, Byron Rugby Club and other Rugby 7’s tournaments.