At Vitalise Physiotherapy, we believe in approaching physical conditions from many angles. Aside from medical diagnosis and treatment, self-management and rehabilitation are equally important.

Pilates can be an excellent option for recovering from a sports or other injury, or as a self-management tool aimed at improving and maintaining peak physical health.

Our class is run by a registered physiotherapist who incorporates the latest pilates techniques, applying them in a way that assists with the general physical health and condition of class members.


Weekly Classes

The pilates class runs three times a week on Mondays & Thursdays at 5:30 pm and a morning class at 7am on Fridays. We aim to keep the class sizes very small so we can provide each patient with personalised care if they need it. We cap the classes at ten people for each session.

While there is a priority for our patients, these classes are open to the public in Lismore and surrounding areas. Even if you have not received any treatment from Vitalise Physiotherapy, you are encouraged to inquire about our classes and to book your place for a time that suits your schedule.


We understand that some people are apprehensive about learning pilates in front of others. Our classes are beginner-friendly, so if you have never taken pilates before we’re happy to slow the pace of the class so you can keep up. You’ll get attention and instruction from our class leader to help you improve your technique and feel more comfortable attending future sessions.

Pink Ribbon Program

At Vitalise Physio, we also offer the Pink Ribbon program—a pilates-based exercise program for survivors of breast cancer. Targeting the chest, shoulders, arms and neck, this program focuses on promoting strength, flexibility and range of movement. It is designed specifically to address the challenges faced by women after their diagnosis and treatment, and throughout the recovery process.

Many women experience lowered confidence and reduced mobility while suffering the effects of breast cancer and its treatments.

Benefits of exercise during recovery:

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Promotes strength & mobility

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Promotes lymphatic drainage, preventing lymphedema

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Promotes quality of life

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Restoration of posture​

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Alleviation of pain & swelling​

Your pilates instructors




Hi, my name is Gemma and I am the Principle Physiotherapist at Vitalise Physiotherapy. I started 4 years ago, providing a holistic and hands-on private practice, suitable for the whole family.

I have trained in Clinical Pilates with the APPI and now run a physiotherapy-centred pilates course. I have focused on mat work classes and will be furthering my knowledge in the coming year with reformer training.

The combination of mat work pilates and my physiotherapy knowledge enables me to assess each person and adapt as the class progresses. Each exercise is taken from the original Josef Pilates method and modified to make it safe for anyone from any exercise level and even those coming back from injury.

I have recently trained in pilates for runners and cyclists, allowing classes to be aimed at more specific groups.




Hi, I’m Josie and I have recently graduated from the University of QLD in Brisbane with a Masters of Physiotherapy. Before that I was living in Lismore, studying Sport and Exercise Science at Southern Cross Uni.

I recently completed my level 1 matwork in Clinical Pilates at the Pilates Institute of Queensland.

I design my pilates classes based on traditional pilates exercises, focusing on areas such as deep core activation, pelvic stabilisation, glute strength and postural endurance.

I also have an extensive background in group fitness, and I enjoy adding some of these elements into my classes to challenge my participants in new ways.

I have also completed extra training in pilates and exercise for breast cancer patients, focusing on training safely after surgery, and allowing participants to feel in control and confident to move again.

Physio-led pilates is a great way to ensure you are working within your limits based on any injuries you may be recovering from, as all exercises can be tailored to suit your current abilities.